• Jamie Irvine
    Heavy-Duty Couplings, Pintle Hitches, and Drawbar Eyes

    Connection management between commercial trucks and trailers is often thought of in terms of fifth wheels and kingpins.

    But there are many vocations where other connection styles are...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Ramping Up Support for Heavy-Duty Parts

    The pandemic has caused supply chain issues and parts distributors and fleets are having a hard time getting parts.

    How long will this last and what are manufacturers doing to help?

    Check out the latest...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    On-Board Scales for Commercial Trucks and Trailers

    Commercial fleets are looking to make as much money as possible and it can be tough.

    Overloading is a problem but so is underloading.

    What is the solution?

    Listen to the entire interview here:...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Diesel Parts Has Gone Mobile

    I'm excited to have Tyler Robertson back on the show to talk about the Diesel Parts App.

    The app is now available on desktop and on Apple and Android devices.

    Check out the entire interview: ...  more
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      • Jamie Irvine
        Jamie Irvine Thanks, Ross, let me know what you think of the app.
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  • Jamie Irvine
    Understanding the Different Types of DPF Cleaning Processes

    Did you know that there are several different types of DPF cleaning processes all with distinct advantages?

    Our guest this week, Auston Northcutt from DPF Xpress breaks them down for...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Should You Embrace Selling Heavy-Duty Engine Parts?

    The answer is... probably.

    You definitely shouldn't hold back because you are fearful about warranties, competitiveness, or a lack of knowledge.


    Because of companies like our guest in this...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Ride Solutions for the Trucking Industry

    In this episode, we discuss ride solutions for commercial trucks and trailers.

    Our guest is David McCleave who is the Director of Marketing and Aftermarket at Hendrickson and he talked to us about the history of...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    The Largest Network of Independent Parts and Service Channel in North America

    In this week's episode, we hear the story of how HDA Truck Pride got its start and how they have been supporting the independent parts and service channel for over...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    How One Company Transitioned from Transmissions to DPF Cleaning

    This week we interviewed Hattie Rollins-Jane and Wayne Rollins where they told the story of how they transitioned their entire business to better serve their customers.

    Listen to their...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    What role will 3D printing have in the heavy-duty parts industry in the future?

    To learn more, listen to the entire episode: https://heavydutypartsreport.com/3-d-printing-heavy-duty-truck-parts/ />
    #heavydutypartsreport #heavydutyparts #truckingindustry...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Trailer Axle and Disc Brake Technology from Europe will Lead SAF-Holland in North America

    People often don't fully appreciate the global scale of SAF-Holland, they are the largest manufacturer in Europe of trailer axle and disc brakes.

    That expertise...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Using the Same Alternator - Starter Combination May Be Causing Fleets Big Problems

    Modern trucks have changed and so have the specifications for heavy-duty alternators and starters.

    To learn more, read article 81: ...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Private Equity Firms Provide Financial Advice but Leave Manufacturers on an Island

    Our interview with Jonathan E. Smith from Prestolite Electric - Leece Neville included a frank discussion about the impact of having a real partner has on a heavy-duty...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Intellectual Property Makes Hengst Filters Consistent Regardless of Where You Buy Them

    Our interview with Jim Taft and Chad Foote of Hengst revealed that their technology is the same regardless if you buy their filters from an OE Truck Dealership or...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    This week we interviewed Abe Aon and Collin Shaw from WABCO.

    We talked about how they are supporting the aftermarket and helping fleets with #uptime.

    Check out the interview and read the latest blog: ...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Looking for an easier, faster, and more reliable way of running diagnostics on your trailers? The Inspector 920 by Lite-Check is that solution.

    Read article 52 to learn more about this game-changing product: ...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Losing a trailer because of a kingpin failure can be disastrous. But what can Kingpin Specialists do to save you from this? The answer may surprise you.

    Read article 50 to learn more: ...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    One of the most parts of a trailer is often overlooked. When it comes to your Kingpin, sometimes you don't pay any attention to it unless a problem develops. But when problems do start to arise, who can you turn to for help?

    That is where Kingpin...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Sometimes you don't know there is a problem with your tires lug nuts until it's too late. However, with Total Tire Protections Zamlok, this is no longer an issue.

    Read article 49 to learn more about this revolutionary product: ...  more