Most successful maintenance organizations use some sort of fleet management software to manage maintenance operations and maximize their asset investment. Sometimes, just picking what fleet software to use is a major undertaking. Do you have questions on what truck management software is best for you and your organization? Let us help, Fleet Group is not a maintenance software provider, we are experts in the implementation and use fleet software. One of our more popular services is our Functional Requirements Analysis. Once the functional requirements are identified the selection process becomes much easier and less risky. Because Fleet Group has experience with many of the different computerized Maintenance Management Systems (truck fleet management software) and along with our knowledge of maintenance operations, we can help you choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

No matter which fleet software package is chosen, Fleet Group can assist you during new system implementation or help you realize the full functionality of your fleet management software. These services include project management, integration of Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS), capacity planning, asset management, and purchasing/inventory functions. Throughout the project or post implementation, Fleet Group will act as the liaison between you and the software vendor, ensuring that your goals are clearly met at all times. If you already have a truck fleet management software in place we can, and have, helped companies realize they true “Return On Investment” (ROI) of their current software. Making sure that your company is using the fleet software’s full potential and maximizing your investment.

Are you getting everything you can from your current trucking software? Let Fleet Group show you the functionality that is available in your software that you’re not using. It's not unusual for users of a fleet management software system to learn just the basics to "get started", but because they are busy never progress to super user status. That can be costly and frustrating. We evaluate your present fleet management software system and help you integrate its functionality into your operation. We will help with current version issues, upgrades or end-user training that will reduce cost and increase ease of use. Areas that will benefit from these services are unscheduled down time, labor efficiency, capacity planning, repair order management, warranty purchasing, and inventory.

You want to stick to your core business. Then let us handle the headaches of upgrades, updates, user issues, errors, security issues and system training. Our Fleet Software Administer services can handle all these issues for you on a monthly basis. Please contact us if you would like more information

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