Fleet Group, Inc, founded in 2001, is a full-service fleet maintenance consulting firm. We provide strategic consulting services to government entities and private sector companies that operate and maintain truck fleets. We are dedicated to providing sound, ethical solutions for a wide variety of issues facing fleet operators in the transportation industry

Our solutions provide our clients with the answers they need to reduce cost, modernize fleet operations, improve fleet performance and develop workable business best practice.

Along with academic and theoretical, we bring actual life experience to the table. All Fleet Group consultants have held successful management positions in fleet maintenance.

We have assisted numerous clients with issues that are unique to their segment of the industry without reaching for the cookie cutter. Fleet Group treats all clients with integrity and frankness. We tell you like it is with no bias, so that you can make the decisions necessary to realize your goals.

  • Maintenance Process Evaluation
  • VMRS Implementation
  • Part Inventory Analysis
  • Warranty Management
  • Part Master Clean Up
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Parts Room/Management Training
  • Fleet Management Training
  • Federal Annual Inspection Training
  • Air Brake Training
  • PMI Workshops
  • Custom Report Development
  • System Proficiency Analysis
  • Functional Requirement Analysis
  • Software Selection
  • Technician User End Training
  • Industry Networking
  • Online Technician Training
  • Event Database
  • Online Fleet Management Tools
Satisfied Cllent

Fleet Group has brought a wealth of experience, expertise, focus, and professionalism to our fleet maintenance software implementation project. In addition to assisting Casella Waste Systems with implementing PM schedules and related specific fleet maintenance issues, Fleet Group has provided invaluable inventory management skills, project management expertise, and IT skills you wouldn't ordinarily expect from fleet consultants. Fleet Group was able to provide expertise in the design and testing of warranty components to our software that was ultimately embraced by the software authors. Fleet Group has also been Instrumental in providing expertise for data conversion, interface design and testing and ongoing implementation preparation and support. They are a key part of this effort.

Peter Vanderhoof Corporate Maintenance Casella Waste Systems


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