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  • Jamie Irvine
    Whenever a groundbreaking invention takes place in the trucking industry, it changes the way the industry works. How has United Axle shocked the industry?

    To learn more, read article 57: ...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    In the past, when a spindle was damaged, you needed to replace the whole axle. This can be an expensive fix. However, United Axle has come up with a solution to this problem.

    Listen to episode 57 to learn about this: ...  more
  • Tim Schenk
    Tim Schenk wrote a new course entry:
    VMRS Codes?
  • Tim Schenk
    Tim Schenk wrote a new course entry:
    Fleet Service Tracker
  • Mark Von Bargen
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  • Tim Schenk
    Tim Schenk shared John Gillie 's share.
    In the latest episode of The DL, Diesel Laptops Founder and CEO, Tyler Robertson, is joined by John Gillie, the Founder, and CEO of TruckTractorTrailer.com. ...
  • Jamie Irvine
    When looking for a new alternator or starter, where can you turn to for good quality parts that will go the distance with you?

    Read article 56 to learn more: more
  • Tim Schenk
    Tim Schenk shared Sean Maczko's share.
    Restarting Fleet Safety in 2020 - Protect Your Drivers From Thei
  • Jamie Irvine
    Being stranded on the side of the road because of a failing alternator can have a huge impact not only on you and your company but the people who rely on you to transport their products.

    However, what can you do to extend the life of your alternator,...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    With many diagnostic tools on the market, where can you go to find the perfect one for you? The answer may surprise you.

    Read article 55 to learn more: https://jamieirvine.ca/blog-where-to-turn-to-for-diagnostic-tools/ />
    #heavydutypartsreport...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    With such a wide variety of diagnostic tools on the market, each for a different purpose, where can you look to find out what is the best tool for you?

    Listen to episode 55 to learn more: more
  • Tim Schenk
  • Jamie Irvine
    How can BrakeMate increase safety and efficiency in your shop when performing brake maintenance?

    Read article 54 to learn more about this game-changing tool: more
  • Tim Schenk
    Extension of the Modified Expanded  Emergency Declaration No. 20
  • Tim Schenk
    This is why Fleet Group is excited about launching it's cloud base Fleet Service Tracker (FST) for smaller fleets. Low cost investment for a powerful fleet maintenance tool. http://www.fleetgroup.com/fleetpronet
    Fleets Push Forward With Tech Investment Despite Pandemic, Econo
  • Jamie Irvine
    Worker safety is very important in the world today. What has BrakeMate done to tremendously reduce the risk of injury when working on brakes?

    Listen to episode 54: https://jamieirvine.ca/hdpr-54-mark-keegans-brakemate/ />
    #heavydutypartsreport...  more
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  • Jamie Irvine
    In today's age, safety is a top priority. What is WABCO doing to excel in safety? The answer may surprise you.

    Read article 53 to learn more: more
  • Jamie Irvine
    What does it mean when WABCO says it's mobilizing commercial vehicle intelligence?

    Listen to episode 53 to learn more: https://jamieirvine.ca/hdpr-53-abe-aon-collin-shaw-wabco/ />
    #heavydutypartsreport #truckingindustry #transportationindustry #trucking

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