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In good or bad economic times it is imperative that companies evaluate how they are operating and competing. Fleet Group has the ability to show you how to cut costs while improving efficiency. Our clients receive the maximum return on investment. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are small enough to react quickly and large enough to provide cutting edge solutions to help improve your bottom line.

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Whether comprehensive or focused, single-issue analysis, large or small fleet, Fleet Group can provide the solution. We continue to help our clients streamline fleet operations, increase productivity, increase asset utilization and lower cost.

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New to using maintenance software. It's not unusual for users of a fleet management software system to learn just the basics, then busy never progress to super user status. That can be costly and frustrating.

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Have you ever questioned if your technicians have all the training they need? Do your inspectors have the proper training and experience to legally inspect the systems that require a qualified technician?

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We have created a platform for you to network with peers,compiled all industry events, built online fleet management resources and tools such as the VMRS Portal and Fleet Service Tracker and more....

Fleet Group specializes in providing customer specific maintenance process analysis, management and technical training for maintenance personnel, and fleet maintenance software solutions, including selection, implementation, version migration, and end-user training/support.

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