• Jamie Irvine
    In episode 87, we discuss with Alex Parker, the CMO and Executive Vice President at Redline Detection, what makes their diagnostic leak detector an award-winning tool, and how this tool saves fleets money on costly aftertreatment repairs.

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  • Jamie Irvine
    In this episode we discuss how installing higher quality spring brakes can lower the cost-per-mile for fleets.

    Our guest Rick Deane who is the International Sales Manager at MGM Brakes, explains just how much of an impact high-quality brake chambers can...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    How can BrakeMate increase safety and efficiency in your shop when performing brake maintenance?

    Read article 54 to learn more about this game-changing tool: more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Worker safety is very important in the world today. What has BrakeMate done to tremendously reduce the risk of injury when working on brakes?

    Listen to episode 54: https://jamieirvine.ca/hdpr-54-mark-keegans-brakemate/ />
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  • Jamie Irvine
    In today's age, safety is a top priority. What is WABCO doing to excel in safety? The answer may surprise you.

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