• Jamie Irvine
    A Unique Line of High-Performance Fully Loaded Hub Assemblies

    In this episode, we are going to look at the wheel end of trucks and trailers. Ben McIvor is a sales representative for Specialty Sales and Marketing. Ben is representing SKF in this...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Your Fleet + Their Emissions and Cooling Expertise = A Winning Advantage

    In this episode, we discuss emissions and cooling solutions.

    Marlow Payant works in Operations and Randy Griffith is the Director of Technical Sales at Emissions and Cooling...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Major Fleet Experiences Dangerous Wheel-Offs

    In this episode, Dave Walters, Doug Mason, and Mike Yagley, co-host of the Behind The Wheels Podcast, tell the story of a major fleet that was having wheel-off events.

    They also explain what the common...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Overcoming the Shortage of Diesel Technicians

    In this episode, we discuss the need for diesel technicians, and Aaron Picozzi, the President of the American Diesel Training Center talks to us about how big of a problem it is and the solution that they...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    In this episode, we discuss the launch of the Diesel Decoder.

    Brett Delp is the National Fleet Manager at Dorman Products, and Tyler Robertson, is the CEO of Diesel Laptops, and they talked to us about the solution the Diesel Decoder offers, how it...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    The Expanding Air Disc Brake Market in North America

    In this episode, we discuss air disc brakes. Steven Robert, is the Air Disc Brake Manager at BBB Industries, and he talks to us about how the air disc brake market is growing, and the benefits ADBs...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Rebuilding Engines in 2021 and Beyond

    How has the way that diesel engines are rebuilt changed in the last two decades, and how what do rebuilders need to do to keep up with the changing times?

    In this week's episode, we talked to Tony Aboufawaz, the VP...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    In this episode, we discuss what impact diesel emissions systems are having on fleets, and Wayne Cochrane, the National Sales Manager at Redline Emissions Products, talks about how they are on a mission to make diesel emissions systems easy for their...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    In episode 87, we discuss with Alex Parker, the CMO and Executive Vice President at Redline Detection, what makes their diagnostic leak detector an award-winning tool, and how this tool saves fleets money on costly aftertreatment repairs.

    Listen to the...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    In this episode we discuss how installing higher quality spring brakes can lower the cost-per-mile for fleets.

    Our guest Rick Deane who is the International Sales Manager at MGM Brakes, explains just how much of an impact high-quality brake chambers can...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    The OEM of commercial trucks and engines have been battling against aftermarket heavy-duty parts manufacturers, distributors, and independent repair shops for decades.

    How is the OEMs Parts Strategy Impacting the Aftermarket today? To learn more,...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    What role will 3D printing have in the heavy-duty parts industry in the future?

    To learn more, listen to the entire episode: https://heavydutypartsreport.com/3-d-printing-heavy-duty-truck-parts/ />
    #heavydutypartsreport #heavydutyparts #truckingindustry...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Changing Oil in Heavy-Duty More Efficiently

    Our interview with Sean Sternberg from Femco USA touched on what makes Femco's Drain Plugs lower the cost of labor for fleets.

    Listen to the entire interview: more
  • Jamie Irvine
    SAF-Holland is a leading global commercial vehicle supplier and the largest independent listed manufacturer of chassis-related systems and components for trailers in North America and Trucks and Busses in Europe.

    Their product line includes Fifth...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Trailer Axle and Disc Brake Technology from Europe will Lead SAF-Holland in North America

    People often don't fully appreciate the global scale of SAF-Holland, they are the largest manufacturer in Europe of trailer axle and disc brakes.

    That expertise...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Using the Same Alternator - Starter Combination May Be Causing Fleets Big Problems

    Modern trucks have changed and so have the specifications for heavy-duty alternators and starters.

    To learn more, read article 81: ...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Private Equity Firms Provide Financial Advice but Leave Manufacturers on an Island

    Our interview with Jonathan E. Smith from Prestolite Electric - Leece Neville included a frank discussion about the impact of having a real partner has on a heavy-duty...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Hengst has over 60-years of experience when it comes to making high-quality filters.

    What problems facing the industry have they noticed when it comes to filtration, and what solution have they created?

    To learn more, read article 80: ...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    Intellectual Property Makes Hengst Filters Consistent Regardless of Where You Buy Them

    Our interview with Jim Taft and Chad Foote of Hengst revealed that their technology is the same regardless if you buy their filters from an OE Truck Dealership or...  more
  • Jamie Irvine
    As we move into 2021, what can you expect to see from The Heavy-Duty Parts Report?

    Listen to episode 79 to learn about the new HDPR schedule: https://heavydutypartsreport.com/79-hdpr-2021 />
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