Gerald C. (Jerry) Frech, CPT


Jerry has over 40 years experience in fleet maintenance management. He founded Fleet Group in 2001 to provide a much needed alternative to the consulting services being offered to the trucking industry. The goal and driving force is to remain competitively priced while still providing the cutting edge leadership needed in the transportation industry. Jerry is highly skilled in the development of scheduling and capacity planning strategies, he has developed programs that increase productivity and decrease equipment down time. Jerry and his associates have been instrumental in the design and development of several fleet management processes that have been implemented and provided leading edge enhancements to planning and scheduling, warranty recovery, and inventory management.

Recognizing a critical deficiency of qualified technicians in the workforce, Jerry became deeply concerned with diminishing student interest in the heavy equipment and transport technology curriculums at area vocational schools and community colleges. Jerry worked with the schools and industry leaders, to introduce change to the curriculum at schools and community colleges to better meet the need of the industry regarding new recruits. Jerry continues to provide guidance with comprehensive recruiting and training programs specifically designed to target the ever-growing demands of the transportation industry

During the last 17 years, as the industry moved towards Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Jerry was able to keep pace and develop an expertise in this area. He has participated in many workgroups that have made changes to these programs to provide the information and functionality unique to this industry. As a result of this involvement with Maintenance Management Systems, it was apparent that a standard was needed for coding unique information found in the trucking industry. As a long standing member of the Technology & Maintenance Council, Jerry decided to become involved in the S.5 Fleet Maintenance Management Study group. Jerry participates in the VMRS Task Force and has helped identify and correct code key issues. As of 2018 Jerry is also Certified as a VMRS Specialist.

After completing the course work at Engine City Technical Institute and finishing second in his class, Jerry went on to develop his skills in this industry while being employed at some of the industry leaders – General Truck Lease, Ryder Transportation Services, and FedEx. While at these companies, Jerry was able to develop and implement many cost saving measures that are still being used today. Jerry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.