• Driverless cars are soon to be allowed in California!

    In the news today one of the headlines, California is going to allow testing for driverless fully autonomous cars.  How in the world did we jump from the need for human monitored autonomous testing to completely autonomous testing? In my opinion, that is a tremendous leap. Has there been enough time to analyze the data from the monitored autonomous testing???

    I feel that we are a long way from trusting life and death decisions to a machine without the ability for a human to intervene.  There are way too many variables on the road for a machine to contend with.  To name a few, other vehicles that will be operated by humans, a failing infrastructure, vehicle mechanical failures, animals, snow, ice, etc...

    I know that this is coming and that we will have autonomous vehicles on the roads in the future. I just do not believe that the future is now. There is no way we have performed enough testing in all conditions to   remove the failsafe monitor/driver from the equation. 

    I am interested in your opinion, let me know in the comment section how you feel about this!