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Fleet Group Provides Fleet Management Consulting and the Industries Premier Professional Network Which Includes Industry Events, Professional Development, Online Training, Resume Garage and More...
  • Maintenance Consulting Services

    Operations & Business Management

    At Fleet Group, Inc. we are aware of the unique and varied operational challenges fleet operators face. We do not use a "one size fits all" approach. We identify areas with opportunity for cost savings and increased productivity. We analyze the “as-is” processes and develop recommendations for shop management, warranty process, preventative maintenance and Inventory control.

  • Information Technology Services

    Fleet Maintenance Management Systems

    Fleet Group consultants can provide innovative ideas and advanced techniques to any software project. Whether the project is a new implementation, an upgrade or Reconfiguration / Tune-up of an existing system our consultants will help ensure successful project implementation providing your company the full benefits of the software as quickly as possible.

  • Training Services

    Fleet Management / Technical Training

    Fleet Group helps companies identify, design, implement and deliver both Management and Technical training that is specifically tailored for their organizations. Our Training Support Services is a comprehensive, yet very flexible service that can provide off the shelf or custom training that is client and/or site-specific. From Preventive Maintenance to Maintenance Management Fleet Group has the Solution.

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    Maintenance Consulting Information Systems Training Services


    Free Maintenance Technical Knowledge Assessments  

  • Testimonials

    “I would urge any maintenance organization that would like to find ways to improve efficiency and increase their bottom line to use the services at Fleet Group…”
    Bill Hicks, President - FirstLease, Inc

    "Fleet Group put together a one day PM Workshop that not only addressed all of my concerns, but covered additional material that has helped all my techs perform their jobs better. The course was held at my locations and consisted of classroom and hands-on training. They used my trucks (which was an eye-opener for everyone) to do the hands-on portion of the class. My technicians were even trained to perform certain parts of the inspection in a specific order to speed up the process. This makes some of the checks easier to do by eliminating unnecessary steps. After the class, I talked with several of my techs to get their thoughts on the training and without exception; each one told me how good the class was and suggested that anyone who performs preventative maintenance inspections should go to this class."
    John Murphy, Interstate Nationalease