Pratt & Whitney Micrometer Set

  • Pratt & Whitney Micrometer Set Outside  0' - 6'

    Simple, fast adjustment of Pratt & Whitney Out side Micrometer compensates for wear on anvil and spindle faces. Reading line keeps Its original position directly In line of vision regardless of number of times faces may have to be ground and lapped. Three parts, one-piece spindle, thimble and cap enter into adjustment for wear on anvil and spindle faces. Threaded portion of spindle engages screw nut. Thimble Is screwed to spindle. Chuck Is formed on end of thimble. Tightening cap locks thimble chuck to spindle firmly, for most secure setting. As cap does not touch spindle, it will not change setting.

    Pratt & Whitney Micrometers always retain always excellent features. Thimble does not cover measurement lines on hub either after adjusting for wear,
    or grinding and lapping.

    This item is used but in very good condition, still in the box and like new! Buyer responsible for pick-up or shipping.